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Our Services

XP Education offers high quality learning and professional simulated workshops with the best tutors in their respective domain subject areas.
Grade Enhancement Class
Grade Enhancement Class
XP Grade Enhancement Class (GEC) will run as a complement to University tutorials. The GEC will focus on the application of theory on real life scenariosusing real life examples. These tutorials will focus on the key topics for each weekly material a...
Career Enhancement Class
Career Enhancement Class
Management Consulting Case Interview Workshop   This Case Interview Workshop is run by Management Consultants from a top tier consulting firm.. This workshop will offer students invaluable insights on all key aspects on how to best ‘crack’ a case. ...
VIP Tutoring
VIP Tutoring
We offer one-on-one tuition for students looking for a personalised experience. Our amazing team of tutors will tailor each session to meet your specific needs; whether it’s focussing on practice exam questions, or understanding key concepts, our tu...


XP Education is a professional organisation that helps university students to achieve top academic grades and to also enhance their employability in today’s highly competitive commerce labour market.


“The tutors’ advice was valuable for three reasons: 1)  they have deep industry experience, 2) they gave me specific, tailor feedback rather than a “cookie cutter” answer, and 3) they helped me land a summer internship a...
Hanson W
“The tutors know their material inside-out, and can communicate this understanding is a clear and down-to-earth way.They provided 1-on-1 case interviews that really simulate an actual interview. Above all, they helped me...
Matthew V
XP Education helps bridge the connection between theoretical knowledge and real life applications.